I still remember my first off-market house in Eugene Oregon. I already had four rental properties in my portfolio, but I had purchased them the traditional way. They were making me decent money too, but I was always looking for something more.

Eventually, a good friend approached me. She was moving and wanted to offer up her own house. I was confused at first—I’d seen it before and it was immaculate. Still, I asked how much she wanted for it.

off market house Eugene Oregon
To my surprise, she said she didn’t know and offered around $180,000.I told her the house was easily worth more than double that amount.

“Well, yeah,” she shrugged. “But a real estate agent will cost me $20k and they’re going to want me to make $40k in repairs. I’m going to have to wait—it’s not worth it. I’ll take $180.”

I never bought a house on-market again.

Why You Need an Off-Market House in Eugene Oregon

Eugene, Oregon is a great place for a real estate investor. Home values are stable and rising—and people are always moving in. It’s a great place to live because you can enjoy the great outdoors while growing your investment property business.

Still, the market is becoming more competitive. And for investors, that means finding off-market properties can be a challenge.

I learned a little late in my investment career what a tremendous difference off-market homes can make. When you purchase real estate on the open market, its price has already been increased to the maximum amount by an agent.

I also learned why someone might want to sell a property quickly and cheaply. They may be moving, going through a divorce, or behind on their mortgage. But once the property is on the market, none of that matters. A real estate agent will ensure that the property’s price reflects its market value, even if there are other considerations.

Finding Off-Market Properties in Eugene, Oregon Online

When searching for off-market homes, most investors pull up an online listing service first, such as Zillow, Trulia, or even Facebook Marketplace (hey, it can be a great way to look at what’s out there).

But I wouldn’t call these listing services “off-market” anymore—they’re more relevant to secondary markets.

There are two significant issues with these online platforms:

  • Too many people are using them. FSBO properties on Zillow and Trulia are still getting incredible exposure—increasing their value and potentially getting you into a messy bidding war.
  • They’re very easy to list properties on. The sellers on these platforms may not be interested in selling their houses. They may just be fishing for well over what their property is worth.

Sure, every once in a while, you’ll find a great deal. But it takes a lot of time—and time is something you have to be very protective of as an investor. Here’s what you can do instead.

Network with Real Estate Agents and Wholesalers

Of course, there are people whose entire job is to find properties for you. Real estate agents tend to be expensive, but wholesalers know a deal when they see one. Network with the right people and you can have deals walking through your door.

Leaning on a great agent or wholesaler isn’t always bad, but it does mean that you’re going to spend a lot more than you would if the deal came directly to you instead. They need to profit from the deal, too. It also takes a long time to form a network, especially if you’re new to the area.

Advertising Online and In-Person

Build a brand. You can use social media platforms to target people who live in Eugene, Oregon and own their homes. You can send out mailers to homeowners in specific neighborhoods, or leave door-knockers on their front doors.

Advertising is a great way to increase exposure for your business. But it can also get expensive. Building a brand throughout a territory as competitive as Eugene will take time and money. Of course, many investors choose to work with a respected and established brand instead (more on that later).

Cold Calling and Door Knocking

Let’s be honest: Cold calling and door-knocking are almost inherently aggressive. Most people don’t want to stand on their threshold and be asked to sell their homes, even if they want to. Cold calling techniques tend to put people on edge because even if they need to sell their home, it still feels invasive.

I recommend sending text messages rather than calling or knocking. It’s less invasive and gives the homeowner time to formulate a response. Even so, it could take ages to find someone interested in selling. To even start texting (or calling), you usually have to purchase lead lists which are frequently outdated or already being used by other investors. Fortunately, there is an easier way.

Find an Off Market House in Eugene Oregon with HomeVestors

Before you start contacting hard money lenders or knocking on doors, I’ll introduce you to the only resource you’ll ever need.

When you become an independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchise owner as I did, you gain access to their extensive network of tools and nationally-recognized marketing campaigns. For example, you can participate in 1-on-1 mentorship programs with other experienced investors, leverage home valuation software to get a leg up on the competition, and utilize the nationally-known “We Buy Ugly Houses®” marketing campaigns for more brand exposure. Rather than spending precious time finding leads like so many other investors do, the leads come to you.

HomeVestors® makes the entire process easy. You can concentrate on closing deals rather than struggling to find them. That’s what I did when I was looking for off-market houses in Eugene Oregon and it’s something I highly recommend to you. Anyone interested in selling their house in Eugene, Oregon will be figuratively knocking on your door when they’re ready.

You’ll need time, dedication, and help to find the perfect off-market house in Eugene Oregon. Contact HomeVestors® to request more information on becoming a franchise owner today.



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