Things have changed since I first started looking at Nashville for investment opportunities. With people moving into suburban areas to gain a little breathing room and escape a burgeoning crime rate, I used to discover great deals in the urban core. Now that the suburbanites have grown weary of long commutes and higher entry-level prices, they are seriously looking at moving back closer to downtown.

As a result, the up and coming neighborhoods in Nashville are where you have the best chance of buying a distressed house to sell at a solid after repair price point. Most of these neighborhoods have seen urban problems of crime and gangs that stifle new development. But, as those problems are being resolved, the opportunities are more prevalent than country music in Nashville. 

The Best Up and Coming Neighborhoods in St Petersburg FL That Are Ripe for Investment This Year

Up And Coming Nashville Neighborhoods Worth Investing In

The goal is to locate a neighborhood where bargains can still be found and there is the potential for money to be made. All of the neighborhoods that follow show promise as they become more popular areas for affordable housing that doesn’t come with a commute. And, they are where I am focusing my investing dollars. 

Southeast Nashville/ Antioch

This neighborhood is like the perennial phoenix rising from the ashes. Southeast Nashville/ Antioch had crime and gang issues with a reputation that plagued them due to a mass shooting at an area church in 2017. But, improved law enforcement and a community that came together have now started to push home values up. 

Businesses are opening for the same reason real estate is making a comeback: prices are lower than what you can find in already transitioned areas. Antioch has become the second-largest employment center, second only to downtown. Businesses, especially retail, do not open without the presence of the rooftops and population to support them—which was what this neighborhood increasingly has to offer.

With crime down, new jobs and business moving in, and housing within reach of the local paychecks, now is the time to buy investment property here. Southeast Nashville/ Antioch is no longer a best-kept secret, however. But, those who move quickly can still buy distressed properties, rehab, and sell at rising market prices.


Madison, or Madtown as the locals call it, has already begun to live up to its potential. As with many neighborhoods that are close to the urban core of a major city, Madtown got its name from a past era where crime and prostitution were pretty rampant. Increased enforcement has put a significant damper on those activities, to the point where values are now on an upward trajectory.

Madison has also benefited from rapidly rising home prices in desirable East Nashville. Many people have been priced out of that market and are starting to look at Madtown as not such a mad idea. Families can live adjacent to the high-end area and still pay an affordable price. The tree-lined streets are also lined with “more-for-your-money homes.”

An additional driver for Madison’s growth is the potential of a planned light rail line that will connect directly to downtown Nashville. The first phase of the project has already been approved, although no specific date for completion has been announced. The Madison community has coalesced behind the move to bring light rail to their neighborhood.

All of these reasons make Madison an investor’s dream for buying low and selling much higher. This is where you should focus your lead generation strategy for finding investment property now.

Dickerson Pike  

This area still has a sketchy reputation because of past high crime but is starting to transition. Rising home values in nearby East Nashville and Inglewood are pushing long-time residents to sell and move to more affordable areas like Dickerson Pike. And, former urban core dwellers are being drawn to the proximity of downtown and the spectacular skyline views. Additionally, many of the boutique shops, restaurants and entertainment venues that have made East Nashville so popular are very close and on the same side of the river. 

Developers are also starting to notice as there are several new home communities from builders like Beazer and Centex in the pipeline. And, where the developer money goes, home prices tend to follow. 

While Dickerson Pike still has a way to go, it is doing well enough to slowly move up on my list. I plan to pick up a few properties in this neighborhood this year and think you should make it a part of your real estate investment plan, too 

While these up and coming neighborhoods in Nashville hold a lot of promise for investing, they aren’t the only ones. Nashville, generally, is on the up and up. And, as the real estate market improves, there will be more competition for finding deals. That’s why you need to be thinking about your lead generation strategy before you get squeezed out. 

How To Get In On Nashville Real Estate Deals

I’m already taking advantage of the opportunities coming our way as Nashville grows into its own. As an independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchisee, I have all the qualified leads I need right in these up-and-coming Nashville neighborhoods. No, I don’t spend money on bandit signs or outdated lead lists. Instead, homeowners who are ready to sell come directly to me. 

You probably have seen the nationally-known and trusted “We Buy Ugly Houses®” marketing campaign. Well, so have Nashville homeowners. So, they know who to call first when it’s time to sell quickly. Local Nashville HomeVestors® franchisees like me pick up the call and make them an offer—before anyone else. 

It’s time to get in on Nashville real estate investing. Find out how you can get qualified leads in up-and-coming neighborhoods today by contacting HomeVestors®


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