The older I get, the less I like the change of seasons. Let me clarify. The autumn leaves in my northern Indiana community inspire some awe. Right around Christmas, a little snow helps set the mood but that’s where the buck should stop. I gave up ice-fishing because I don’t hold up well under the cold temperatures anymore, and believe it or not, I’m the first person to complain when the mercury hits the 80s and 90s. Move south, I’ve been told by people who grow tired of my complaints. If I could find a spot with a 78-degree temperature year-round, eliminating my heating and air-conditioning bills, that move might be a consideration.

I like stability and predictability. Perhaps that’s why I refuse to leave my Hoosier State home. I grouse a bit about the weather but I certainly can’t complain about business. Real estate investing in Indiana has turned out to be a fruitful venture. A lot of my success results from slow, steady market growth. The price movement avoids the wild downward swings that occurred in pricier, more volatile states during the financial crisis of 2009 and beyond. So, after five-and-a-half decades in Indiana, I’ll just buck up and let my returns trump my thin skin.

The trade-off is worth it. With the real estate market as it stands, I look forward to even better returns than ever. Stable home values, low unemployment, and steady population growth have contributed to a friendly environment for investors. If you know where to look, you can build a budding property portfolio geared toward healthy gains too.

Real Estate Investing in Indiana: Where to Find the Best Deals

Where to Find the Best Real Estate Investing in Indiana

Right now, there are more active buyers than available homes in Indiana. As the laws of economics hold, that phenomenon pushes prices upward. Along with median home value growth, safety and low unemployment keep a lot of natives within the state’s borders, and have folks like me searching for great deals in the real estate investment realm. Those bargains aren’t everywhere, but consider these three places if you’re also searching for great deals.


Real estate investing in Indianapolis is hot—and not far away, Carmel rides the capital’s coattails. Of course, the allure of Carmel isn’t entirely contingent on spillover demand from Indy. The employment situation has been rosy in the city and a proposed $1 billion hospital project should enhance the already-favorable job climate. The 30-acre parcel has been earmarked for a large inpatient facility along with parking structures and some ancillary buildings. With more jobs here, people will undoubtedly be poised to buy a home. We are already seeing the boost in prices. Carmel’s median list prices have recently topped $360,000 in 2018, a marked increase from 2016 levels of around $325,000. Rising list prices are a good indicator of a healthy market and you should be paying attention.


When I started buying homes in Zionsville in 2000, about 8,700 people resided in the town. That number has nearly tripled through 2018. When populations grow at such a rapid rate, the conditions for investing are favorable. There’s a considerable confluence of factors that add to Zionsville’s allure. Great schools and safe streets position the town as a place I’d like to live in myself—and that’s one of the key strategies I adopt when selecting where to buy and sell homes. That’s why I continue to make purchases in Zionsville.


Porter County in northwest Indiana has garnered attention as a rapidly rising housing market and Valparaiso lies at the center of the boom. The city is home to the university that bears its name in addition to a couple of other higher educational institutions. The schools bring a cultural vibe to the town, featuring the Brauer Museum of Art, a bastion of Midwestern works and world religious exhibits.

I like to focus on rentals in college towns where demand stems from a steady stream of students and roving faculty members. Median rents fall in the affordable range and that average includes student housing that doesn’t require the same upgrades that I would apply to family dwellings. Multi-units can be bought inexpensively, especially if motivated sellers can be found at the pre-foreclosure stage. Finding deals below market helps propel my cap rates, which reflect my net annual income divided by purchase price.

Finding Leads on Indiana Real Estate Investments

Someday I plan to find a spot where I need neither heat nor air conditioning, and I can enjoy the snow around the holidays—for a week, at most. For right now, I’m grounded firmly in Indiana hunting for attractive bargains on properties that I plan to buy-and-hold or sell. Finding motivated home sellers who are willing to negotiate has become much easier since I became an independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchisee. The nationally-known and trusted “We Buy Ugly Houses®” marketing campaign has continuously delivered quality leads to help me grow my investment business in the Hoosier State.

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