My niece Terry graduated with a BA in Logistics three years ago and has been working with a shipping company buying plastic pallets ever since. She is full of ambition and energy but told me over dinner that she really wanted to find a different job where her entrepreneurial spirit could really shine. So, she kept her eyes peeled, searching for a position where she could do something that mattered to her.

My niece was always very hands-on and wanted to be her own boss sooner than later. Her choices were to continue trying to work her way up the ladder, spend more time studying in grad school, or open a different kind of business on her own. I suggested that she take charge of her future now and begin investing in real estate, a career that’s brought me financial security and fulfillment. That really got her attention. After the dessert plates were cleared, we stayed up late discussing how to get into real estate investment in your 20s.

Real Estate Investment in Your 20s is Really Doable—Here's How

Real Estate Investment in Your 20s is a Worthy Career Choice

When you’re in your 20s, people say you have endless opportunities, but no one explains how to pursue them. While many twenty-somethings get into real estate investing because they grew up helping their dad or some other relative who was in the business, prior experience is not necessary. Luckily, anyone can get into real estate investing as long as they are hard-working, persistent, and dedicated to growing their business. 

Of course, you’ll want to consider what real estate investing offers compared to your other career opportunities. Here are just a few:

Whatever profession you choose will require training.

No matter what career you end up pursuing, you will need some sort of training—and, often, an undergrad degree just won’t cut it. Training for a career in real estate investing is shorter-term and less expensive than what you’ll need for the majority of career paths, especially those that require many more years in school.

Continued education costs more. 

Pursuing higher education is expensive, and often places young people in considerable debt. That’s why some people choose to begin a real estate investing career in their 20s. It can help you to start working on your business and financial goals instead of spending more time in a formal school setting. It doesn’t require a degree or training certificate, and the real-world experience you receive is an education in and of itself.   

It’s possible to be your own boss—today.

As a real estate investor, you make your own business decisions and reap all the benefits. That means you get to do meaningful work now, not after years of waiting for a better job title. And, by pursuing your financial goals now, you might even be able to retire earlier. 

There are a lot of benefits to starting a career in real estate investment in your 20s but, as I told Terry, you’re going to need some resources to get on the right path and achieve your dreams. To start your own real estate investing company, you really need only four things: training, tools, mentorship, and leads. And, I know just where you can get them. 

Start Your Real Estate Investing Career Now

Many people in their 20s have been successful at it, and they’ve done it by following an established process with the right tools in hand. I know, because I work with them every week. As a long-time real estate investor myself and HomeVestors® Development Agent, my job is to ensure that the ambitious young people who want to follow in my footsteps have what they need to get off to a great start in real estate investing in their 20s.

HomeVestors® offers each independently owned and operated franchisee the structure and support for doing just that. You start with a comprehensive week-long training to teach you the nuts and bolts of investing. Then, you are paired with a mentor, or Development Agent, like me who is there to answer your questions and guide you in challenging key decisions. You also get some of the best proprietary tools and resources in the industry—including access to reputable hard money lenders nationwide. And,  HomeVestors®’ nationally-known and trusted “We Buy Ugly Houses®” brings the leads directly to you. 

My niece called HomeVestors® and she loves her new career. Take control of your future, too, and request some information on becoming a franchisee today.


Each franchise office is independently owned and operated. 


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