Recently, a friend of mine asked me what my favorite part of Pennsylvania was. I didn’t have to think very long. I told her that right outside of Foxburg, there’s this old coal railroad bridge, out of commission, that towers hundreds of feet above a tree-shrouded valley. You get a glimpse of it from a few different angles and it always looks mythical and magical, a bit of history in the mist. 

She looked at me and immediately asked: where the heck is Foxburg? 

That’s understandable. It’s a little town on the Allegheny, about a 30-minute drive from 80 and surrounded by nothing. Pennsylvania is a pretty big state. That’s why it’s also a challenge to find other real estate investors in PA for networking. 

That’s why you have to be smart about where you look. There are lots of options, but some are better than others. Let me tell you about the most popular places to find other PA real estate investors—and, the best one. 

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Finding a Network of Real Estate Investors in PA

A network can help you find better leads in Philadelphia or anywhere else across the state. It can help you learn new tactics for talking to homeowners or the best ways to sell a house. Not only that, but you can potentially get connected to reliable contractors or other industry professionals. I remember one time when I needed a real estate attorney for an unusual deal. I didn’t have that in my Rolodex. But, someone in my network did. 

In a state like Pennsylvania, where you move from the tech hubs of Philly to the service towns of Scranton to coal country, having friends all over helps you get the resources you need to reach your goals. Here are some of the top ways real estate investors in PA find networks. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook is in a weird spot because it’s hard to go a day without seeing a headline about how no one is using Facebook anymore. Meanwhile, 70% of US adults use Facebook and 50% of businesses say it is crucial to them. So, it goes without saying that  Facebook is still pretty important. If you join groups of other PA real estate investors, you’ll also be likely to stumble across some motivated sellers on Facebook

You will find hundreds of real estate groups for Pennsylvania. There are at least a half-dozen for Berks County alone. You’ll find regional groups and city-based groups as well as general statewide pages. In each, there’s both real estate investing professionals and amateurs. Some are corporate real estate investors while others seem to have the DIY verve of a PTA bake sale. 

With all of those choices, you can probably find one or two good ones. It’s just going to take a lot of work—and you have to balance between being too specific and too general when deciding how to focus your time and energy. 


I do love Facebook, but I’m a face-to-face kind of guy. That’s why I like meetups—and the Keystone State is filled with them. A quick Google search of “real estate networking events Pennsylvania” will provide you with a huge list, everything from clubs and seminars to webinars and open bars. 

Going to these places, you’ll find a lot of people talking. Sometimes people ask good questions and you learn something. But, it’s also possible that some real estate seminars turn out to be just a sale.


You have a lot of choices when it comes to joining a real estate investment club in PA. There’s ACRE of Pittsburgh, the Philly REIA, and In NEPA to cover the whole northeastern region. Sure, you’ll have to cough up a few bucks to attend. But, they offer some educational opportunities and a chance to hobnob with like-minded folks.  

The problem with clubs is that, often, it’s only newer investors who show up. And, that means you’ll be networking with investors who know as much as—or less—than you do. So, you’re not likely to meet someone who can add value to your investment strategy. 

The biggest thing I don’t like it is that these options for finding other real estate investors in PA can potentially be a waste of time. Philosophically, meeting people is never a waste. But, you won’t always learn anything or get leads. And, with so many choices, there’s a decent chance that you will have to look around a lot before finding the right one. 

The Best PA Real Estate Investor Network Opportunity

So, if you’ve read this far, you know what I like: smart people, good information, and old bridges. The last one doesn’t help my real estate investing career. The first two do. I just don’t like wasting time finding them. Time is my business. 

I learned how to better protect my time when I became an independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchisee. It not only helped me get much better real estate leads, but it also opened me up to a network of professionals who are engaged, active, and on the same page as me. 

With a seasoned mentor backing me every step of the way when I reach challenging situations, I’m learning to solve difficult issues from professionals who know what they’re talking about. It’s not blindly picking a seminar; it’s having a whole slew of experts curate their boots-on-the-ground knowledge for me. 

I am also connected to other investors like myself. We’re able to swap tips about everything in Pennsylvania real estate. We’re able to discuss the ups and downs of the market and talk about what works for us or what doesn’t. And, we’re part of the same team, networking together instead of competing with each other. There’s no pressure.

Opportunities to join our Pennsylvania real estate investor network are limited, so request information on becoming a franchisee today. 


Each franchise office is independently owned and operated. 


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