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When I first moved to Delaware 25 years ago, after my wife took a job in Wilmington, there was one thing that surprised me the most: the palm trees. I didn’t know Delaware had palm trees. My impression of it was that it was too cold. But as I’ve built a real estate investing business over the last quarter-century, I’ve learned that Delaware and its real estate market are always full of surprises. 

Those surprises can be intimidating for people who have recently joined the business or are thinking about starting a career in real estate investing. In my experience, I’ve seen quite a few people turn to real estate investing clubs in Delaware to combat that uncertainty. By joining these clubs, they gain security, connections, and a forum to learn. 

I love real estate investment clubs and associations. But I also know they aren’t all the same, and that there are drawbacks to relying entirely on them for networking and knowledge. Knowing which clubs to join, which to avoid, and other ways of learning could be key to the strength of your business. 

The benefits of knowing the right people? That’s one thing in Delaware real estate that will never surprise you. 

Why Real Estate Investing Clubs in Delaware Might Be Worth Attending (and Why Not)

I moved to Delaware not knowing too much about the state. I grew up outside Philly and spent some time in New York, but not very much time in Delaware. Still, I wanted to use my real estate investing knowledge in the market. The problem was I barely even knew what I didn’t know. 

So, I joined a few real estate investing clubs in Delaware. In many of these clubs I could:

  • Attend talks and lectures by experts 
  • Expand my network of buyers and sellers (especially important if you’re looking to start wholesaling real estate)
  • Get help with marketing
  • Have access to industry-specific tools or technology
  • Talk shop with people who understand the market 

Don’t underestimate the power of any of these. I remember talking about the rental market with someone who mentioned, casually, that Bear, Delaware was going to become a great rental market. As someone who has a lot of investment properties for passive income, this was great information. She was right, too: Bear has some of the highest rental rates in the state.

I think what I love most about real estate investing are the connections, the people, the experts you have access to. But, like all things, there are a few potential drawbacks.  

The Drawbacks of Real Estate Investing Clubs

I always tell people that your most important asset isn’t cash. It’s time. This is a business where any wasted time could mean missed opportunities. And that could be a potential problem when  dealing with real estate investing clubs in Delaware. 

You really never know what’s going to be valuable and what’s not. You might hear a great lecture or might spend an hour with some self-proclaimed real estate investing guru telling you their secret to fix-and-flip success. A night spent networking could be a big break or it could be pointless. 

What’s the second-most important asset? Cash. Many real estate investing clubs are expensive to join. You have to balance the cost of membership with the potential benefits. 

If you don’t mind taking a chance, let’s take a look at a few real estate investing clubs in Delaware.

How to Find Good Real Estate Investing Clubs in Delaware

From my experience with real estate investing clubs in Delaware, the most beneficial have these qualities: 

  • A membership cost that’s worth it
  • No huge commitment
  • Tangible benefits from membership 
  • An emphasis on events and education
  • A reach and following that make it worthwhile 

Delaware Real Estate Investors Association (DelRIA): 

This club costs about $150 a year to join, but they have the most extensive network, the best resources, and a really good marketing platform. This is the group with the most reach and following on this list, so when you advertise with them or their partners, you get a good bang for your buck. 

Delaware Real Estate Investor Newbies: 

This is a smaller group run for people just starting out in the business. It’s not the slickest outfit in the world, but it has great information and seems really earnest about giving people good advice. I have a well-earned distrust of real estate “gurus”, and this club seems like it has the same attitude. 

Delaware Meetup Groups: 

These groups are good because they are open to investors at all levels of experience, and are generally very genuine. They aren’t pushing products. They’re just trying to give everyone a leg-up. You also usually just pay for events you want to attend, without flat fees. 

Many of these groups host events with great speakers. Some groups are very active in assisting you with real estate investing, and some exist mostly on paper. Some have good membership, some are tiny. Here are a few more that may be worth checking out. 

  • Delaware Real Estate Investment Education Meetup (~160 members)
  • Delaware Real Estate Entrepreneurs (~250 members)
  • Delco Real Estate Investor Networking Group (~415 members)
  • Real Estate Coffee & Capital (~220 members); This one is located in Pennsylvania, but it’s close to Delaware. 

Membership for most of these are free and you can pick and choose your own events. It’s best to keep your eye peeled for what works. 

If you don’t have time to explore any or all of these groups, there’s one way to get the most out of your Delaware real estate investment business—becoming a franchisee.

Beyond the Club: How To Make the Most Out of Your Delaware Real Estate Business

Real estate investing clubs helped me when I was just starting out here in Delaware. But it was when I became an independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchisee that my business really took off. I received all the benefits of joining a real estate investment club and more. 

HomeVestors® is like the biggest club—if you were to make a comparison. For one thing, there’s unparalleled marketing. Everyone knows about the “We Buy Ugly Houses®” national brand. So when someone in Delaware or the area needs to sell fast, they call HomeVestors® and then I get the lead. It’s like a national marketing campaign for my mom-and-pop business. 

Not only that, but it’s a huge network of committed professionals, expanding your circle exponentially. You get access to proprietary tools that help you with financing and planning. And, you get a ton of top-flight training and personal mentorship. That’s invaluable. 

Like the arbor here in Delaware, this business can be full of surprises. The right networks help you minimize and manage those surprises. If you want to be part of the best real estate “investing brand” in Delaware, request information about becoming a franchisee today


Each franchise office is independently owned and operated. 


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