Here in South Carolina, we’re used to helping each other out. Being a good neighbor is part of our culture. I don’t know how many times I’ve had people ask if I needed a tool or a lift when I was standing by my car. There’s never anything wrong, but people just want to help. That’s just the way we are.

We all need help, whether that is your brother-in-law who is really good at wiring or a source for finding better real estate investment leads. That’s why when people here get into investing, they often join real estate investment clubs.

Real estate investment clubs in South Carolina serve as a way to make connections, learn new skills, understand the business, and become better at doing what we do. And, there are a lot to choose among—from Charleston to Columbia to the Midlands, there are clubs everywhere.

There are pros and cons to being in these clubs, though. Probably the most important is that you might not get all the actual training and mentorship that you need to truly succeed. After all, we’re all in the need of a little help sometimes. Here are some of the ways that, when it comes to real estate investing, you don’t have to be alone.

Florida Real Estate Investment Clubs: Which Ones Are Worth Your Time?

What I Look For In South Carolina Real Estate Investment Clubs

I used to be part of a lot of real estate investment clubs across South Carolina, especially when I started my career. They were harder to find back then, of course. And, in a way, they were more important. As I said, I didn’t have the internet. I didn’t have access to the internet or great real estate investment resources at my fingertips.

So, it was at those meetings that I would learn things and share tips. I met people who could help me become better at my business and people who would become friends. They were great.

Now, life is more busy for everyone. And, especially if you still have a day job and trying to build a real estate investing business on the side, you might not have time to waste. But, for every aspiring investor, you have to ask yourself:

1.) Will you learn something I didn’t know?
2.) Will you get personalized advice?
3.) Is it training, or just a lecture?
4.) Is it going to help you get leads?

Now, of course, there are other aspects to going to a meeting, including the social one. But, as you look through this list, it’s important to ask what you are looking for in a club.

Three Great Real Estate Investment Clubs in South Carolina

South Carolina isn’t a huge state, but it has a lot of diverse regions with different geographies, cultures, and markets. There isn’t just one “South Carolina” real estate. That means going to different clubs is important, especially if you are looking to invest in an area you don’t know that well.

Upstate Carolina Real Estate Investors Association (UCREIA)

Every third Monday the UCREIA meets at the Embassy Suites in Greenville. There is an hour of coffee and networking, and then an hour of general meetings. These meetings talk about a whole wide array of topics designed to help you understand the market and your business better.

Meetings are free for members, $20 for guests. There are also a lot of focus groups with names like “Ask a Professional” or “Women Investor Focus Groups.” These are $10 and are held at various locations, including the Fried Green Tomato cafe.

Now, these meetings aren’t specific to fixing and flipping so you don’t get a ton of advice along those lines. But, you might learn more about other aspects of your business, specifically, buying and selling. Whether or not that’ enough to make it worth your time is up to you.

Midlands REIA

The Midlands REIA is a really robust and active organization, which claims that anyone can get into real estate fixing and flipping for fun and money. That’s a great attitude and they certainly try to back it up by their actions.

Their website has a wealth of pretty good information and they really get into what it means to be a member. You get access to all their meetings, including recordings of webinars and talks. You also get a lot of discounts at places like Home Depot, a store you’re probably in pretty frequently. Other swag includes eBooks, real estate calculators, and more.

Maybe the best part of Midlands is that they offer you some advice and guidance. That’s pretty rare for a club like this. They seem to really take their job seriously. But, It will cost you $125 a year, which may or may not be worth it depending on how much of their programming you want to take advantage of.

Connected Investors of Hilton Head

Connected Investors is the “social media network” for real estate investors. It’s a way to be connected to other people, and there are local chapters everywhere. The one for the Hilton Head region is one of the most active in the state.

There are some good things here. You’re can network closely with people who are always looking to make a deal, so you’ve got a chance to buy or sell easily. You also have the opportunity to mingle with your peers, which means you might get good advice.

But I don’t know—while this has its benefits, I worry about people who rely solely on it. It’s not really great for finding leads and you don’t really get any guidance or help other than what you find for yourself. I wouldn’t say not to join, but it’s more of a way to augment the other stuff you’re doing.

I still belong to a handful of South Carolina real estate investing clubs. I’ve got friends there and sometimes lead trainings. I like using my experience to guide others. It’s a little way to pay it forward. But, if you are really looking to learn the nuts and bolts of real estate investing, you are going to need more than a meeting.

A Better Way To Get Training and Mentorship in South Carolina

I rattled around the state making small deals and trying to learn the ropes along the way while gleaning what I could from attending real estate investing clubs across South Carolina. But, my business just didn’t pick up the way I’d hoped. That is, until I became an independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchisee.

Becoming a franchisee gave me the opportunity to really learn from the pros. HomeVestors® provided me with a comprehensive week-long initial training that put me in the driver’s seat of building my professional real estate investing business. But, now I also have access to an enormous amount of resources, including this blog, but also podcasts and regular trainings by seasoned working professionals. These offer actionable and practical advice that you can use immediately.

There’s more than that, though. You will also get access to actual one-on-one mentorship. That’s right: an experienced professional real estate investor is there to talk to you, to answer questions, and to help you solve problems. That’s really rare. You talk to someone who knows you, who understands your goals, and who has a vested interest in your achievements.

That’s pretty much South Carolina in a nutshell. We know we can’t do it alone, so we help each other out. If you want some of the best training and mentorship out there, request information about becoming a franchisee. It’s how you can make a genuine connection.

Each franchise office is independently owned and operated.


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