Like most of you in Seattle, I started this year with a plan: properties I was going to buy, investing seminars I was going to teach, and networking events I was going to attend. My calendar laid it all out, filled in with a year worth of plans and goals. 

Needless to say, that has changed.

Even while I was making plans, people here in Seattle were beginning to come down with an unusual respiratory illness that would spread and change everything about the year. Those seminars? Mostly canceled. The events? Not happening. The ROI? Well, that’s another story. 

As it happens, you can invest in a recession and potentially do quite well. I am. But, if you are new or relatively new to the business, you need training to learn how to do this effectively.  

If real estate investing seminars in Seattle are canceled, what are your alternatives? Luckily, there are ways to get the investing mentorship, training, and education you need to start or grow your career at this challenging, exciting, and potential-filled time. It’s just a matter of picking the right one for your professional goals. That’s a plan you can stick to. 

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The Importance of Education During a Recession

If you’ve been following the news, you might have seen something about a recession—on top of a pandemic. This is one of the more uncertain times that we’ve faced as a nation but, as an industry, real estate investors have been here before. We rode the Great Recession and came out on top. 

We know that this means people will be re-evaluating their finances and looking to get out from under a burdensome house. They’ll be looking to sell fast, for cash, at a fair price to people they can trust. That means there is a lot of opportunity for you to help people and do well at the same time. 

So, there’re many people, including you, who might be looking to get started flipping houses. Or, maybe you’ve been doing this for a bit, but aren’t sure how to handle these rapidly-shifting conditions. If you haven’t been here before, these times of great potential can look perilous. 

That’s why almost everyone can use more education, so you understand both the business as a whole and how to navigate the market right now. You need to have a firm grasp on a variety of concepts and strategies, including:

  • Finding qualified leads 
  • Establishing a relationship with the seller
  • Evaluating potential ROI
  • Financing your deal
  • Rehabbing smartly
  • Your exit strategy—when to sell and how

It’s pretty complex. Learning it all right now is even more complex. So, you’re probably looking at real estate investing seminars here in Seattle. Let’s take a look at some of your local options.

Seattle Real Estate Investing Seminar Options

I know I had plans to attend and talk at a bunch of events around the city. And, you might have already signed up for some of these seminars, only to be disappointed. If you haven’t signed up and lost your money, it’s probably best not to. Let’s take a look at what the most popular seminars are offering you now. 

Limited Offerings From Local Seattle Real Estate Investing Seminar


REIA Seattle As of right now, all REIA events have been put on pause or have been canceled. There are still online forums in which you can talk to peers, which may be helpful. But, due to fear of intellectual property theft, they’ve stopped all classes and expert-led seminars until they can be in-person again. If you know when that will be, you’re a far better epidemiologist than I am. 
The PNW Big Badass Real Estate Wealth Expo Not making up the name, though I tend to be leery of anything that promises wealth. This August event is still going on as planned, and they are leaving it up to the attendee to “make their own decisions.” There is also a reduced virtual experience—at the same cost—but you’ll likely miss out on a lot. 
Flip and Sip Real Estate The in-person events have been moved online. I’ll be honest, these are enjoyable ways to network, meet people, and usually learn something. But, they have struggled with their online events, drawing 5 or 10 people—or fewer. It doesn’t sound like you are going to get the full experience and networking opportunities here. 

So what’s your best alternative? Well, there is one way to get a real estate investing education that I couldn’t recommend higher. 

The Best Alternative to Real Estate Investing Seminars in Seattle

So what is the best alternative to limited seminars in Seattle? To me, the best thing is actually two things rolled into one opportunity. 

        1. Real estate investing education
        2. Continued training and mentorship


The first gives you a solid foundation. The second gives you access to information and guidance at times when it is needed most—for example, when the whole world is turned upside down in a matter of weeks. You can get both if you are, like me, an independently owned and operated HomeVestors® franchisee. 

New HomeVestors® franchisees attend a week-long training session. This year, the education will be entirely virtual, but you’ll get the same education you would always get. And, you won’t be left to your own devices after that. 

You get the benefits of a continued relationship with a Development Agent. These mentors help you put into action important industry concepts and strategies like: finding sellers, rehabbing, and getting out with the expected returns—and much more. They are a continued source of training, guiding you individually and helping you achieve your goals. 

Here in Seattle, we understand how quickly things change. We were the first city to be hit by this pandemic and our economic recovery will be slower than elsewhere. We also know that together, we can grow and rebuild. Real estate investors are at the forefront of that. But, with seminars canceled, you need another, or better ways of learning how to be a part of the next phase.

If you are interested in getting quality training and continuing education from real professionals, request information about becoming a franchisee today


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